Grillz Have Risen, But Do They Harm Your Teeth?

Grillz – yes, that’s the conventionally accepted spelling – are having a moment among a certain subset of female pop starlets. Yesterday Rita Orashowed off a shiny new silver grill in Paris. Katy Perry wore a giant grill that spelled out “roar” at the VMAs a few weeks ago, and Rihanna (a chronic grill-wearer) wore a tiny cross between her teeth at the same event. Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna have all been photographed wearing them recently. Miley even told Harper’s Bazaar that she has three grillz, one of which she described as her “chic” one, earning that designation because it only had a metal edge along the top, as opposed to covering all her teeth. What started as an accessory for young hip-hop artists (Flavor Flav is credited in the early eighties with being one of the first to flauntgold chompers) and reached its peak in the early aughts during the heyday of Southern rap, is now a girly thing.

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